GLUTEN SENSOR EXISTS! Because I get many hits from celiacs… I had to share.

Because my wife is celiac, I’ve paid close attention to gluten-free beers and like many bloggers, I try and reach as many people as I can. Interestingly enough, the gluten-free beer reviews on my blog are the ones that get the most hits. Should my blog go gluten free? Well, I don’t think so, I’m far too much of a beer advocate to only concentrate on gluten-free diet and beers. I can tell you however that my blog will always feature gluten-free solutions and beers because it’s a concern that hits close to home and so, I care a great deal.

Today, for example, my wife shared with me a new device, a sensor that allows one to detect the presence of gluten in your meal. She was like a kid who just found out Christmas was tomorrow. I urge you to check this website from 6 sensorLabs and get on their waiting list if you want to own such a device. Plus, the web site has a blog section and as recent as 5 minutes ago, my wife found out that envelopes and stamps have gluten. How screwed up is that? Don’t lick stamps and envelopes, you have 6Sensor Labs to thank for that one.

Check it out:

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