Battling insincere comments…

I’m guessing I’m not the only blogger who deals with insincere “comments awaiting our approval” from solicitors who try and sell us SEO optimization and blah blah blah by leaving bogus generic comments. I’m stepping up to the plate for your fellow bloggers everywhere!

If you end up on our blogs and you’re a designer, an SEO specialist or some sort of website administrator, please, by all means, I know your job is to sell your services but don’t try and lure us in by leaving generic comments on how our writings “have really captured the heart of the matter” and how we “write so eloquently and express ourselves dearly” and how “we really know our material and have a great understanding on the subject”.

For the love of God… Let me tell you in the most generic way possible how generic sounding you are…

“You really understand how to offend people by trying to appeal to their vanity, I wish you all the best in soliciting many bloggers as myself and want you to know that I really, really would give you business, but I’m on a limited budget. Oh, and please, I’m writing about beer, not poetry or medical science. There really isn’t much to capture, don’t insult my intelligence by making me sound like Shakespeare, I drink beer. Nothing else.”


The Beergonaut

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  1. I dig it. Can you set it up so people are able to like and post comments without having to sign up for WordPress?

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