Autumn Hop review -Amsterdam Brewery


Autumn Hop was like a fling.

Full disclosure: My wife’s been in NYC for the last two months and this review reflects a shortage of heavy petting, if you know what I mean… wink wink!

As I poured Autumn Hop, I was immediately distracted by its delicious perfume, as if a beautiful woman was walking by. With a fair amount of head, AH uncovered a beautiful golden skin tone that flirted with transparency but never gave in, it has a tiny veil.

The sweetness in the nose came right out of cascade hops. It unleashed an aromatic attack of sweet apricot, floral and citrus, all common to west-coast hop yet hand picked in Collingwood’s Clear Valley Hops farm which I had the pleasure of visiting a couple of weeks ahead of their opening date –I never got to thank them for letting me wander around ;).

The farm to table whirlpool, a process described as wet hop, gives the beer such a fresh taste. It’s the difference between cooking with fresh herbs as opposed to dried. The hops are added right in the whirlpool mix within 4 hours of being picked and this, right here my friends, is why I’m such a strong advocate of micro breweries. The crisp of the beer works well with its creamy feel, it licks and lovebites you all at once. And, although the hops are the main feature, it delivers a well-rounded taste of biscuit, brown sugar, pine and the feel of an autumn breeze. “Winter is coming.” She whispered in my ear, as she dissapeared.

Buy it now. Not tomorrow, not next week-end, now!

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