Who is the Beergonaut?

Me playing my Gibson SG 1964... At Brutopia in Montreal. Great brewpub with great beer!
Me playing my Gibson SG 1964… At Brutopia in Montreal. Great brewpub with great beer!

Who is this strange individual travelling through space time in a ship decorated with a “I brake for Beer” bumper sticker? Bluntly put, it’s a simple man with an endless desire to taste beers from all over the world and, of course, food. I also enjoy a comedic outlook on life and make sure my beer aficionado status is enjoyed with much moderation and care.

Why Beergonaut.com?

There are two mandatory requirements when moving; pizza and cold beer. When I moved from Montreal to Toronto in April of 2010, I couldn’t skip the beer. I was instantly made aware that beer wasn’t accessible in Toronto like it is in Montreal. Heck, in Montreal you can buy beer at the daycare on your way home from work, so to speak. Thankfully, The Beer Store (which is an okay establishment owned by Molson and Labbatt) was NOT the only place to buy beer. In Ontario, beer can be sold directly at a brewery or the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario), which also carries Labbatt and Molson products but also anything else they can get their hands on.

Perhaps, had the Beergonaut walked up the street to buy a 6 pack at a local convenience store, this blog wouldn’t exist today. Reason being, I might have ended up buying a 6 pack of Molson Canadian or Sleemans, but instead I walked in an LCBO and discovered a world of sexy beers. Soon, quite an extensive collection of beer bottles found their way on top of my kitchen cabinets and while I was buying 2-3 beers a week; all of them different from the next, I must have tried well over 500 beers since, very few are repeaters. Soon, my curiosity took me beyond that of The Beer Store or the LCBO, Quebec’s SAQ proved to be a great source of imports, the micro-breweries that are popping up everywhere, all were under my radar. So, every chance I get, I visit a brewery when I’m in the States, Quebec, Ontario, wherever my travels take me.

So what’s a man to do before this many beer? Well, I went down to the basement and using nothing but bottle caps, empty beer cans and bubble gum, I constructed an armour and a galactic ship. In the early hours of a winter day… The Beergonaut was born. That’s how this blog came together. I became overwhelmed by the amount of beers on the market and soon, needed an online reference of my own to document the beers. I didn’t want to buy the same beer twice. Essentially, Beergonaut.com was my very own online inventory list. I am happy to share now.

What I continue to do is cover the best (and not so best) beers available on the market, and thanks to the whole global village thing, we can get beer from all over the world…

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy.

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