Lagers: Lagers are beer fermented more slowly and at cooler temperatures than ales, with bottom-fermenting yeast, which is then aged for a smooth, clean flavour and aroma. One might say that it’s the German way to brew beer.

• American Pale Lager:   APLs are basically lagers brewed with American hops for a slightly more hoppy taste yet not so much as an IPA. Some contain adjuncts, others don’t. They are closest to a pilsner only Americanized with American hops.

• Black Lager:   The “Stout” or “porter” of Lagers. See Schwarzbier

• Bock:    Bocks originate from Germany. They are strong brown lagers with higher alcohol levels and characteristic malty sweetness. There are different types of Bocks;

o Doppelbock (“double bock”) which is nearly twice as strong

o Maibock or helles bock, a paler, more hopped version generally made for consumption at spring festivals

o Eisbock, a much stronger version made by partially freezing the beer and removing the water ice that forms

• Doppelbock:    See Bock

• Dunkel:    Literally, “dark” in German. Dunkels are usually dark lager beer, which are brewed using Munich malts which are known for their dark color results.

• Eisbock:    See Bock

• Helles bock:    See Bock

• India Pale Lager:    India Pale Lagers (IPLs) are the newest and perhaps problem child of the lager family. By  problem I don’t mean bad beer or any more difficult to achieve than any other lagers, what I mean is that they are a mix of both lager and IPA style beers that don’t quite grant the India portion of their appellation or don’t quite answer to the traditional expectation of lagers -as purists would debate. Many beer blogs or review sites make mention of the IPL but not all classify such beers as actual IPLs instead, these tend to be referred to as American Pale Lagers or Imperials or Doubles because of their strong hop presence. Where ales tend to use stronger more pungent hops, lagers focus on a more malty yeasty taste paired with mild hops (nobble hops) so when strong hops are introduced to lagers to make it an IPL, one might say that it defeats the purpose of brewing a lager. As mentioned above, the India appellation is totally out of context both traditionally and actually -as all beers today. Lagers were never exported to India, IPLs are only referred to as an India export brewed beer because they use stronger hops which initially served as great preservatives.There is nothing Indian or India export about them, but then again neither do any IPAs today.

• Maibock:    See Bock

• Munchener:    A Munchener is a lager brewed the Munich way. In fact, it muchener means “Munich” in German. It is a dark, spicy lager with a relatively low ABV.

• Pilsener:    If imitation is the greatest form of flattery then Pilsners sure are flattered! It is the most imitated style of beer in the world. Pilsners are pale and highly carbonated and typically have a crisp, clean flavor and a floral, sometimes herbal, aroma. They were perfected in 1842 in Pilsen, Bohemia. • Rauchbier: Means “smoke beer” in German. It’s a lager with a strong smoky feel which was popularized in Bamburg. It is brewed with wood-smoked malt.

• Schwarzbier:    Aka “Black beer,” is a chocolaty lager that looks like a stout but is lighter in body and feature a bitterer flavor. • Steinbier: Means “stone beer” in German. A lager brewed with hot rocks plunged into the boiling wort to impart a caramelized flavor.

• Vienna:    Is a German-style lager originally brewed in Vienna. It is sweet, malty and reddish in color.

Lexicon Ale Beer Types

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