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Hi folks, the Beergonaut is delighted to be the home of the science fiction novel The Indulgence of Jeremiah the Great.

Every week, a chapter of the book will release, be sure to check in and keep up with the madness.

World War IV was fought with steak knives.

A society divided by socio-economic status leads a simple man to wage war against a high society. Derrick Reznor is no hero; he is driven. Driven by the beautiful daughter of a corrupted Government. He finds the willingness to help redeem her family name and takes on an administration comprising of a religion that answers to a flesh eating guru and an expert telepath.

In his debut effort, writer Stephane Lacoste, tells the story of an underdog, a zealous Hero who uncovers an enemy that intriguingly enough seeks to protect him. There are no stones left unturned in this controversial land of riches and bottom-feeders forced to co-existing in inequalities ranging form wages to meat restrictions.